Friday, August 26, 2011

Clearly I have been in a blogging slump. I don't know if it is so much of a slump because that would suggest there was a high point. And after reviewing my posts littered with run on sentences (like this one), incorrect punctuation and lame jokes, that is debatable.

Let's just call this blog a pathetic attempt at chronicling my life for others to see when I knew from the beginning I didn't have a way to upload pictures. Who reads a blog without pictures? NOT ME. This is when I began googling and finding random crap to post in lieu of pictures. It all went down hill from there. (Wait a sec, see there, high point)

Anyways, I am fully aware that pictures are not the only thing holding me back from blogging greatness but here I am to give it another try anyways. I am hoping I can blog on the ipad because our laptops are dead but last time I checked it couldn't be done on the ipad (serious side eye to my husband who claimed the ipad can do it all and more! psh please.)

I think one problem is I was trying to hard. Its like every post had to be re edited and re worked a thousand times. Obviously not for correct spelling. Anyways, I have like 5 posts half written and saved and I just got tired of writing so what made me think people wouldn't get tired of reading I'm not quite sure. After noticing most blogs just talk the basics, I am going to give that a try. So let me start with a breakdown of our weekend...

We went to San Antonio with our neighbors Joe and Lisa to stay and my in-laws. Lisa and I braved the outlet malls ON THE SATURDAY OF TAX FREE WEEKEND. Seriously people. I am so glad that Lisa had never experienced a Texas tax free weekend cause I don't think we would have gone because of the scars that can leave on a woman. However, we had great success and it wasn't even that busy until 1:00 when we were leaving. We bought way too many wonderful things but the purchase that made it all worthwhile?

(still trying to convince Jay $99.99 and no tax is a steel for these things. I mean it is right ladies?! thats over 1/2 off of something that just doesn't really go on sale! We were shocked!)

We then wound down with lounging at the pool and having drinks with the boys when they returned from golfing. As always Jay's mom cooked amazing food and then we played a hilarious and very informative game of trivial pursuit (which the Daniel's won-holla). My favorite new tidbit: Clowder=a group of cats. Who knew? Not even the crazy cat couple.

Last night J and I got wild and crazy by having a weeknight date! Ah the days of Thursday being the same thing as Friday and champagne Sat twice a week (*wink to ash black).  I just finished the book The Help and LOVED it...maybe even more than I LOVE Emma Stone herself. So J is took me to dinner and a movie. Awe so sweet of him, he loooves me sooo much. WHATEVER, I had to let him buy a $200 golf club first. My expert review? Book is way better. I thought too many key things were changed or left out. But it was still a good movie. I have decided I don't really like reading books then seeing the movie because the whole time I am comparing.

Well there you go, my first post back! Hopefully it won't be 10 months until I post again....

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