Thursday, November 18, 2010

A few light hearted things and a few things on my heart...

1. We went and ate at a new place called Jus' Mac a week ago. It only serves mac n cheese and was so good. Yesterday for lunch I had some leftovers. I like to think I have an iron stomach and I hate when things go to waste (have I mentioned before I am cheap) so I figured almost a week old is no big deal....well....I found out this morning....all is. And my office could not be further from the bathroom and I was late for an early morning meeting cause as I was walking out the door to the apartment and thought, hu, my stomach kinda hurts.....20 min later I left the apartment. But how exactly do I explain to my boss I was late cause jus' mac and I ran 4 miles this morning and bad things happened and oh excuse me for a second, I will be right you mind if I work in the cubical at the end of the hall next to the bathroom today? So for lunch today I will be going home and throwing the rest of it away. Probably along with the chicken fettuccine from Sunday and the Fajita meat from Saturday.... clearly we have an over ordering problem and the side effects are brutal. Sorry, TMI I know. Please keep reading, it gets much better, and not gross.

2. Tonight we are having a Thanksgiving Dinner Party. Jay made 4 pumpkin pies last night while I did the Turkey and Dressing. and by 'did' I mean ordered from Honey Baked Ham.

3. I get to see my whole family this weekend! My cousin, is getting married and I am super excited to have another girl in the family as most all my cousins are boys. It just so happens she is also one of the sweetest and cutest girls ever. Perfect for my cousin!

4. I got a new dress ($60 from White House Black Market on major sale cause I'm awesome) and Jay got a new suit (definitely not $60) for the occasion and he looks so nice and skinny too !! He continues to lift paper clips weekly and cut back on food intake and looses 10lbs/week. I continue to run 4 miles a day, eat salad only and loose 1 lb/quarter. JK, kinda.

5. Thanksgiving is in a week!!! I am sooooooooooo excited to go to the Ranch as it has been over a year since we have been (very unusual) but when you move to Houston and the ranch is 2 hrs NORTH of Amarillo, and you must use car, plane, another car horse and buggy to get there (or drive 13 hrs AND STILL BE IN TX) it makes it hard. I just hope that this time someone takes the gun away from the crazy uncle that's had a few too many after dinner. But if not I might end up on dateline special. The Day After Thanksgiving: A Texas Mystery. So that would be cool.

5. Christmas shopping, seeing the Nutcracker, Sunday School Christmas Party, Office Christmas Party, Christmas Light Driving with Hot Chocolate, Apartment present wrapping party, cutting down a Christmas Tree, and of course CHRISTMAS MUSIC is all around the corner. (although my mom has been playing Christmas music since I last visited her...for the Tech Baylor Game....)

6. The bible study I go to just finished our book on Ruth last night. I LOVED IT! A few take aways: It has me thinking often about giving 100% when I don't feel like it and that it's ok to pray for 'willingness to be willing' if you are not at that place. It might sound crazy but it really does work! Also, I want the legacy I leave behind to be based on making the choices God wants and not what I think is best, or most economical or what the world would tell me is best.

7. Prayers needed for my sweet friend and old mission trip buddy, Laura McDonald and her beautiful 6 month old baby girl. Laura's husband Johnathan was killed this week while working as a police officer around Post. My heart so hurts for her and I literally have been thinking about her constantly. I just can't imagine what she is going through but I am so thankful that we know where Johnathan is and that God knows what she is going through and will carry her.

Monday, November 8, 2010

5 Things I Learned in Ohio

1. It only takes a few glasses of Bourbon and a roomful of people my husband does not know and will never see again for him to become a crazy dancing machine....ok FOOL. However, you actually will see a bunch of those people the next morning at the free breakfast and they will all think you are their new bff and also look at your husband in pity cause they are sure he has hangover to rival Hiroshima. Little do they know he was not even buzzed the night before nor will you divulge that information because you are not sure what is more embarrassing.

2. If you elect to take the shuttle to and fro a wedding reception and carry a very small clutch, do not let your husband bring your rent car keys. You will have a good time. BUT You will not remember to pick up your keys along with your clutch as you leave. And then next morning you will have to take a taxi back to the reception spot, break in because it is closed and shift through their trash in the dark because their light switches are crazy electronic ones. The chances of you finding them will be slim to none.

3. The cost for a taxi to wait for you to sift through trash is $35. The cost to replace the key to a 2009 Nissan versa is $375. plus towing. And a ‘lost key’ fee. Oh and then you have to take a taxi to the airport. For a grand total of a billion dollars.

4. Jay and I will now be making each others Christmas presents.
I was asking for some new Christmas decor and maybe a nice bracelet.

Nothing says style and holiday spirit like some Marshmallow Snowmen
Or a beautiful Comb Bracelet to dress up any outfit
Jay wants a new set of golf clubs. I'm he will see a real difference in his swing with these.
5. As difficult as it is to find a key in the next days trash of an beautiful wedding reception for hundreds, we are sure would be much more difficult come across two people as wonderful, welcoming of us and as perfect for each other as the bride and groom. OHIO WEDDING TRIP 2010 WAS WORTH EVERY PENNY!
Congrats to Joe and Lisa!!!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Good Thing my Husband Never Reads my Blog...or Checks our Bank Account....

So I have definitely been itching for weather a bit cooler even though it is currently perfect for a good run and laying out by the pool without sweating. I just really want to put my on boots and tights on for church and not find 90% of the girls still wearing summer dresses and sandals. Who can blame them, the high is still mid 70ies to 80? But who can blame me when things like this have found their way into my closet the past few weeks:

1. Banana Love

2. More Banana Love

I got this coat in grey but I saw this in a super cute red worn by the girl we all use to love to hate and now don't care about anymore. (I quit caring after Laguna and hated the Hills when she came on) I digress, and can't argue with the fact its a cute coat. I couldn't believe it was Old Navy! They have that place in LA? Problem is I got a short red coat for Christmas last year from my super stylish mom who kept telling me I should look at longer coats and I didn't listen and now here I am.

4. Gap
Perfect reflection of military with out being Michael Jackson or ringleaderish

Half the time I buy their crap just for the fantastic names. And the other half I'm to broke to buy

6. Lovely People Piper Bootie

I have to say the main fad I am currently having trouble with (besides tights and open toe heels) is the Jeggins. Or as my husband would say 'Jeanageens'. I hear they are comfy so maybe I should give them a try but J HATES them. In his defense the first pair he saw were the tightest pants I have ever seen. He literally was freaking out cause he thought he was seeing one of those painted ladies they have at fancy Vegas shows and Playboy mansion parties....but we were at Thai Cottage. I had to continually assure him they were Jeggings. And that Jeggings are pants. And OH MY GOSH THEY ARE JEGGINS NOT JEANAGEENS JUST STOP TALKING HUSBAND.

The Biggest problem was not they tight, but they were acid wash.

I honestly thought the girl was stylish enough to kinda pull it off. You know the type, you would NEVER wear it but you could she how she thought it worked and clearly makes bold statements like this often. But they were to tight.

On our drive home Jay made me promise to never purchase a pair"Jeanageens" Little does he know that's impossible. CAUSE THAT'S NOT A REAL THING.