Friday, September 17, 2010

Wreck em' Tech em'

As a blog stalker I get quite annoyed when people stop posting. And when the blogs who post daily skips a few days I feel a little part of me die. (By they way, HOW, HOW do they do it? I can't think of something interesting to say on a weekly basis.) Anyways, so it has now been like a while since I posted and I would hate to think I am causing all my readers out there to wallow in the anguish of not knowing whether I did absolutely nothing this weekend or met and had an affair with number one on 'my list' (ehem, john stamos). Although I am sure both of those prospects sound incredibly interesting to you, I'm gonna let you guess which is true.
Moving on, I have composed 3 full blog post about or recent vacation complete with horrible jokes and a bunch of blah blah I relaxed a lot, blah blah I saw beautiful things, blah blah I ate bone marrow (ALL TRUE) but lack the photos. Unfortunately Jay bought us an IPAD and apparently I cant upload pictures to blogger via IPAD. Reason number 387 I think IPADs are pointless not to mention the fact the name still makes me uncomfortable. And he had to buy the more expensive IPAD so we could run the Internet on 3G and cancel our home wireless Internet but now I have to bootleg our neighbors if I want it to work on our crappy laptop but right now theirs is not working (hi Joe and Lisa-how about yall get on that?) so that was all you didn't need to know about why i have not posted my on my blog in a while.
So lets bypass the vacation posts for now and sometime around Easter you can see what we did.

Whew. Now we will be moving on to the 'what I've been doing lately' portion of the post:

1. A few Sundays ago we went to the Ballet! It was Jay's first time and I kind of had to pull him away from the Texans game by telling him he would get to see the Cowboys play tonight (yes now we wish we had not wasted precious sleep hours to watch the Cowboys shoot themselves in the foot again-what kind of Cowboy does that like all the time- and instead watch the Texans beat the Colts)

Our neighbor, Peter, who dances in the Houston ballet got us tickets and he was INCREDIBLE. He had pretty major parts in all three pieces and just blew me away. Ladies he is single, straight one of the nicest guys I've ever met and wore something like this in the first segment

Yep. and he looks pretty much like this guy with blond hair. A few days later Peter came down to the pizza party at our apartment and Jay was all like, "So you can eat pizza and still have all those muscles we saw you have going on last weekend? Man, that first outfit was a doosie!"

My name is Kylee and I am married to a man. A man who could make a grown heterosexual ballerino uncomfortable.

2. This past weekend we made the drive to Lubbock, aka Satan's highways. I try to think of it like I often take "the road less traveled" which is supposed to be a good thing.....but let me tell you what.. THERE IS A REASON PEOPLE DO NOT DRIVE FROM HOUSTON TO LUBBOCK AND BACK WHILE DETOURING TO DALLAS BOTH WAYS TO GET THEIR MOTHER. Especially when your football team has a new really boring, offensively challenged coaching staff. My new fav blogger Mr. Batch is in a better place than I so that is all I am going to say about that. But it was wonderful to be home even if for a short while as I got to have a one guys calazone and spankys fried cheese. Halleluia amen for God's country.
3. I started a new bible study yesterday! I am really excited to feel connected again. You see once upon a short time ago Jay and I got married and joined the newlywed class at our church and met all sorts of great friends that were in the same stage of life and looking for friends! We had quite the little group going between us and 3 or 4 other couples! BUT THEN stuff happened. Wonderful stuff like house purchases in the suburbs and babies and new jobs in new cities for everyone (but us). We found ourselves back at church one Sunday pretty much at square one not knowing anyone. So we have joined a new Sunday School class and we LOVE the teachers and the people are so sweet. At first Jay was worried cause all the other couples were so cute and seemed so cool. I just had to remind him that we were too. I know, I lied in church, whatev.
4. We will be out of town again this weekend for a church retreat about an hour away and we are really excited to see what God has planned for this weekend of restoration and learning! (And swimming and concession stands and trust falls)