Friday, October 29, 2010

Party Time

Jay and I are throwing a Halloween Dress Rehearsal Party Party tonight for our apt. (Go CARES!) Why are we throwing a Halloween Dress Rehearsal Party Party instead of just a a Halloween Dress Rehearsal Party? Well cause lets just say our strong suit isn't graphic design....or editing....enter our fliers:

After flyering 300 doors and then finding our little mistake I said, hey I know God can work in mysterious ways so a freggin' Party Party it is...

Luckily our strong suit is the food. Well, Jay's strong suit. I would have to say my niche is putting out the plates an napkins. This time was unusual because I actually planned most of the menu (for Jay to cook). I was just finding so many cute Halloween inspired things out in blog land I decided to create a proposal to present to Jay. He usually has all the say in what is being cooked well because he has to do it but you see the title of the email in which i sent my proposal said:

LOOK WHAT I DID! Complete with list and duties assigned. No changes allowed.

And he said ok. cause that's how marriage works. Ok not really. Ok really not really with Jay but that is a story for another time titled 'the necessity of warming your pancake syrup for your party guests...and how crazy a man can get when his woman buys syrup too big to fit in the microwave'. Luckily this time he was feeling a bit uninspired and I knew it so I took advantage of him. cause that is how marriage really works.

So for any of you interested out there I give you a few highlights from my proposed Awesome Halloween Party Party Food:

1.Spooky Spider's Nest: Spider Web 7-Layer Dip

3. Sherbet and Sprite Punch

We are also have witch hat cookies, spooky fruit kabobs and scary raspberry chipotle and cream cheese spread but i am tired of uploading pics and some of that isn't' even halloweeny i just added Halloween words to the names. Cause along with chronic indecisiveness i also suffer with sporadic I am so over thisness. Spacing on blogger when uploading pics is definitely a trigger!arg!!!

Oh and Jay and I are fruit.
Banana Jay
Kylee Grapes
Unless while blowing up balloons I have an attack of my so I'm so overthisness. But hopefully not cause then I will a girl in a green leotard and one green balloon pinned to my side and a stick in my hair. Lady gaga?
Happy Halloweeeeeeeeeeeee!

Friday, October 22, 2010

My List

So this week at Kelly's Korner it's all about baby/kid rooms. So I am going to cut to the chase and show you my furbaby baxter's room:

Now that we have that out of the way, I figured that I would link up to some of my favorites out of the 200+ blogs that linked up. NO, I am not so stalkerish that I read every single one. I tend to gravitate toward the ones that say something about traditional classic or vintage have cute baby names like Rhett. I stray from people who use descriptions like neon, princess, dinoland, theme room or name their child Jubilee.
Note: I don't mean to make fun as everyone is entitled to their own taste. I mean I would LOVE to name my future daughter Weslee and decorate her room all white with burlap accents but apparently my husband thinks I might as well be suggesting the name Serial Killer and painting poo on the accent wall. But did I mention my husband wants to name his son Jack? Our last name is Daniel people. Moving on...(for now)
Most really 5 stars for the blog in general not just the baby room.
LOVE! This is a historic home and I LOVE that she knows about all of the old owners and history of the house. The nursery is beautiful but I had fun touring her whole house. I prefer a little less antiques but she pulls it off quite nicely.
I really like the first nursery she posted and then I looked around to discover that she is an anonymous blogger trying to get pregnant and she wanted to talk about it but didn't want her friends to know yet. I thought that was a really good idea then I realized she started this summer and already has like a million followers! How do people do that?
This is a TX girl which is always fun to find and another one where I love the whole house. And I love the crib.
Like I said before, not so into the theme stuff but this one is pretty cute!
OK 4 is kind of a weird number to end at but I got bored after a while so this is where I am ending it. Have a good weekend all!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Show us Your Life: Office

Ok so over at Kelly's Korner she does "Show us Your Life" post and I have always wanted to participate but last year I didn't have a blog. This year she started over with rooms in your home and I got super excited to participate but then I realized I hate the IPAD and can't upload pics so the weeks have gone by and I have already missed dining room and living room so maybe one day I will just do one big post showcasing my mediocre decorating skills and all my white walls cause I am lazy and we rent so I don't want to paint and have to repaint and even more awesome I am cheap so I'm not paying anyone else to paint something that I will probably grow to hate 3 months later because I have that pesky gene known as CHRONIC INDECISIVENESS. Thanks mom. So now that I have you all pumped up and on the edge of your seats about all the inspiration I have hiding in my apartment, today will be a teaser of how wonderfully talented I am because today is "Show us Your Office" (okay Friday was, whatev.) and I did figure out how to email myself pictures off my IPhone so I feel kinda bad cause I'm totally gonna show Jessica up when it comes to photography skills (sorry girl but don't worry I can help you out sometime). LADIES AND GENTS......



I know I know, how do I do it? Oh wait, you are literally asking how do I work in my office without at chair? Well, I don't. I have been looking for the perfect $3 chair to spruce up (read: I am cheap) but I have been looking for, oh about 16 months and I remember going to goodwill once with no luck. How do all these ladies find such deals and places to find such deals?

Let me show you where everything came from cause I know you are dying.

1.) Silver frame was actually a wedding present and is really pretty and my only legit fancy frame not from TJ max clearance shelf. It has a pic of Jay and I at our wedding rehearsal or as I refer to it our "skinny picture". Which is fun to look at but when someone you met more recently comes over and takes a look I know they are thinking....whoa my how things have changed. Luckily mission 'get back to wedding weight before the next big family wedding in November' has been in full force for a few months now and we are almost there!! Why are the last three lbs always the hardest? And why is it my husband able to bench press a paper clip twice a week and still loose 5 lbs?

2.) Its tragic that I don't have a closer shot but next to the frame is a painted rock that says Texas Tech Rocks. Its a wonder I haven't thrown it at the TV this season but we haven't really watched any games at home.

3.)Paper Organizer Tray Potter Barn wedding present from my Boss.

4.) Really slow computer cause it has all sorts of Auto CAD programs cause my husband spent 6 years in school for Landscape architecture. His job in Medical Sales/Management is going just fine thank you for asking.

5.) I had to include the open cabinets because they are newly organized! Cause I am awesome. Organizing boxes are from IKEA and are too big so the doors don't shut all the way but I had them when I moved in and did I mention I am cheap so I decided to just think like Tim Gunn.

5. Yes my dell that died 1 year and 2 days after I bought it is up in the top corner. Don't ask. Why? Cause I just explained.

So I promise the rest of my house does not look like a dorm room and maybe someday I can get my husband to remove the junk from his computer so it doesn't take me thru Sister Act I and II to get a single picture uploaded but clearly he needs that Auto CAD so I hate to ask for such a sacrifice.

Monday, October 4, 2010

FALLen' in Love

You see how I did that? I'm so clever with the Fall and Love and fallen stuff. This post is dedicated to Fall and what I am excited about this year!!!

1. STEW - my mom makes the best stew and we are going to Dallas for the Tech game and she has promised to make it for me!!

I also bought all the ingreedients to make it not knowing she was already planning to make it so now my modivation for trying to make it on my own is gone but i have $9 of meat in my fridge to make it...Who will win?! my lazyness or my love of stew. I will let you know. Heck, i might get crazy and post a recepie. Gasp, but I would feel like a fraud considering its like the 3rd thing I have ever made in 15 months of marriage. Heck, in 25 years of life.

2. Football

Wrecked Tech- Yeah whateve I know support your team no matter what, move on from Leach blah blah. Well guess what, I was born and raised in Lubbock, went to jr high with Coach Leach's daughter, went to and graduated from Tech at the peak of the crazy awesome Leach era. I saw the rise and fall and the fall still hurts. I am more sad for all us wonderful Tech fans out there who had their joy stolen by some greedy power hungry idiots (take your pick, meyers, hance, craig james, adam james....). I can't help the what if's of what our record could have been this year and what if i had driven all the way to lbk for a win against Texas and what if I wasn't shaking in my boots that I paid money to go see us play Baylor. Does that make me less of a Red Raider? NO. I bleed Red and Black. It just hurts to right now and I'm not going to pretend it doesn't or that I don't doubt this Tuby guy. He knew what he was getting himself into. He has to earn my love just like Leach did. Oh and this is my blog so I can think and say what I want. So there.

Oh Cowboys, my grandfather Big Daddy would roll over in his grave if I ever spoke ill of you or cheered against you. However, I have never been closer than when you played the Texans whom I have grown to love over the last 4 yrs (half of thier existance so I think that makes me a pretty legit fan). You just make it so hard with your crazy overpriced tickets and your consistant
inconsistancy(ha). It will be a lifelong battle to love you but I will never give up on you. For better or for worse.

3. Weather - I have already said my peace about Houston weather so I am loving it so much I ran 4 miles and walked three on Saturday. YEAH, bout that. I don't really do that FYI, but it was just so perfect I wanted to keep going. Although it isn't always a super drastic change of color, there are trees here to admire too....

4. This year we have a few fall weddings which are soooo beautiful. I often thought that had I not had to wait on Jay for 9+ yrs to get married, I would have held out 4 more months to do a fall wedding. I stand firm in the belief that the look of sanity on my sweaty face that blistering hot and windy June day was more beautiful than anythink I might have mustered up after waiting one more second to tie the knot no matter how may cornicopias of wheat bouquets and huntergreen bridesmaid dresses, orange yellow and burgundee flowers I could have hid behind.

5. Halloween! Last year Jay and I were John and Kate plus 8. Renting 6 kids is EXPENSIVE. Ok not really I made kids out of cardboard. Then I ended up in the church quarterly mailout and you couldn't really tell it was a costume. I just looked like a mom, it was scary. Where do we go? Oh Second Baptist Houston, it's not like its one of the biggest churches in Houston or anything... but even more awesome was my friend in the picture who was a positive pregnancy test. Case of double mistaken identity. A mom and a nurse? No. Kate Gosslin and a positive pregnancy test. This year I asked Jay if he would be Snookie and I could tell he legitimately thought it over. And thats why have FALLen in love with him. (Yeah I know, but corn is fallish too.) (Okay I really promise to now stop with the lame jokes)