Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Husband is Coming Home, Crappy Graphics and 1 Irrelevant but Pretty One!

One of my favorite things to do is make my writing more interesting with graphics. What I want to know is how all these people find these beautifully unique photographs that tie perfectly with their writings! For example, this post was going to be a quick ode to my husbands return after a 5 day business trip. So, I go to google images these are the following graphics that my searches produced:
1. ‘Husband comes home’
I have to admit he does kinda look like Jay but as I look more I am really confused…Did she shave her own head and if so why, and why is she mad at him for not liking it? So clearly he does not have a thing for Mr. Clean-and that’s a good think by the way. Does he have growths all over his face and arms? Is that a tucked in t-shirt?!

2. So I figure I should clarify and google, ‘Yay Husband Comes Home’
I don’t even know what to say here.

3. It is now clear I need to be more specific with my search. What about ‘Husband Home from work trip’

OK YEAH that would NOT send the right message. And it's really creepy looking. Could you imagine if that was the first think you saw when getting to my blog!? I would loose all four readers!! (Shout out Ashley, Danielle, Diana and Jessica)

Then I give up and realize this post started out as a quick 'yay hubby comes home tonight/sweet couple pic', and has totally spiraled out of control into a long drawn out post about how I can't make my original post happen. It is now painfully clear I will never be able to make a living blogging about random crap like I have hoped and dreamed.
In closing I am really excited to see my husband and I have missed him. Oh and check out this awesome professional blog caliber picture I found someone else find that has nothing to do with my original topic!!!


  1. I think you may have to join the blogging photo world and create an account on Flickr. Then you can find snazzy photos that you can upload that look like you took them but totall didn't!! : )

  2. Maybe the first picture is not really his wife--it's his drag-queen boyfriend...