Friday, September 9, 2011

Labor Day Weekend Recap

So I was so excited to have no travel plans for the long weekend. Jay and I were thinking about walking down to check out First Saturday in The Heights and maybe sneaking into Hotel Zaza for some relaxing time by the pool and trying out some new restaurants. Sounds magical doesn't it?

So, what did we ACTUALLY do? After a lovely dinner at Lola's (a neighborhood favorite) I started to feel a bit under the weather. Then, like never. ever. ever. before. been. so. sick. ever. For the next three days I pretty much hung out in the bathroom chugging gatorade trying to decide if I was dying and if so should I go to the Emergency Room. In the end my cheap ways won out as I didn't want to have to pay for ER service just to be told I would live and to be sure and stay hydrated! After emerging from the haze I think I had food poisoning. I don't want to go blaming anybody but lets just say I won't be visiting Potbellies for a while which is a shame because I use to love it.

On Monday after noon Jay was golfing (against my wishes) and I started to feel better and decided I deserved a mani pedi to aid in the healing process. After making the trip I found that they were closed for Labor Day. AWESOME (for them). At this time I texted Jay declaring this the WORST WEEKEND EVER. Little did I know he was busy talking to a woman about this:

You know, for how much time J spends playing golf you would thing he would be better than this. Taking a step into the mind of an addict, his response was, "Well if you would have let me buy that $400 driver I have been asking for, my shot would have been much better and we wouldn't have to deal with this." I wish I was joking, or that he was joking. Sadly, that is not the case.

Considering the woman's Lexus has some sort of fancy shmancy sensor technology  in her windshield bringin the grand total to $460 it will be a long time until he get that new driver, much less steps foot on a golf course.

Can't WAIT to see what this weekend holds!


Friday, September 2, 2011

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

You know when your Birthday is coming up and there isn't one thing you can think of that you want? And then you know there are no gift-exchange related life events on the horizon but you have all these things you really want that just can't wait until Halloween Christmas? Well I do. Here is my list:

 1. Long skirt=COMFORT

 2. skinny belts=1 in every color please

3. Chambray shirt = by the expert

4. Brown Bag=perfect shade

5. Large Clutch=able to fit more than just lipstick

Wait... Monday is Labor Day. That's totally a gift-exchange related holiday, right? Can't wait to see what I get...

 Ya'll have a good long weekend!