Monday, November 8, 2010

5 Things I Learned in Ohio

1. It only takes a few glasses of Bourbon and a roomful of people my husband does not know and will never see again for him to become a crazy dancing machine....ok FOOL. However, you actually will see a bunch of those people the next morning at the free breakfast and they will all think you are their new bff and also look at your husband in pity cause they are sure he has hangover to rival Hiroshima. Little do they know he was not even buzzed the night before nor will you divulge that information because you are not sure what is more embarrassing.

2. If you elect to take the shuttle to and fro a wedding reception and carry a very small clutch, do not let your husband bring your rent car keys. You will have a good time. BUT You will not remember to pick up your keys along with your clutch as you leave. And then next morning you will have to take a taxi back to the reception spot, break in because it is closed and shift through their trash in the dark because their light switches are crazy electronic ones. The chances of you finding them will be slim to none.

3. The cost for a taxi to wait for you to sift through trash is $35. The cost to replace the key to a 2009 Nissan versa is $375. plus towing. And a ‘lost key’ fee. Oh and then you have to take a taxi to the airport. For a grand total of a billion dollars.

4. Jay and I will now be making each others Christmas presents.
I was asking for some new Christmas decor and maybe a nice bracelet.

Nothing says style and holiday spirit like some Marshmallow Snowmen
Or a beautiful Comb Bracelet to dress up any outfit
Jay wants a new set of golf clubs. I'm he will see a real difference in his swing with these.
5. As difficult as it is to find a key in the next days trash of an beautiful wedding reception for hundreds, we are sure would be much more difficult come across two people as wonderful, welcoming of us and as perfect for each other as the bride and groom. OHIO WEDDING TRIP 2010 WAS WORTH EVERY PENNY!
Congrats to Joe and Lisa!!!


  1. O my gosh! I'm speechless! I feel the need to start a pity fund for the daniel family...

    Glad you have good spirits about the whole ordeal :) (ps. come visit!, i'll even let Jay hold Jessa!)

  2. Oooh, a comb bracelet! How stylish!

    Haha, how in the world did you find such a thing?? I've never heard of that!

  3. i am dying...i wish i had been a fly watching it all occur...